Top 6 Most Beautiful Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern kitchen designs are increasingly becoming more and more popular. As technology becomes woven into our culture and we adopt new gadgets into our daily lives, a modern kitchen becomes more of a necessity. During our time here at, we’ve seen some beautiful modern kitchens that integrate minimalism with efficiency. Today we’ve put together a post covering the top six most beautiful modern kitchens we’ve seen, taken from all over the world. Enjoy! 

1. R.Z. Owens Construction

What makes a modern kitchen beautiful isn’t the massive amounts of details included in the design but the small amount that make a huge impact. This gorgeous kitchen was made by R.Z. Owens Construction. It represents the epitome of what a modern kitchen should look like. Bold, neutral colors with amazing wood finished floors.

2. Concept Kitchen and Bath

This charming modern kitchen stands out among others for a few reasons. First, the contrast between the table (the main focal point of the kitchen) is simple yet elegant. Second, The dark stained wood floors provide a beautiful compliment to the rest of the dark elements of the kitchen (cabinets, chairs, etc). What we really enjoy about this kitchen is that the designers were able to work with such high ceilings. Usually kitchens with high ceilings are hard to design because you have to take into account the appliances, which are closer to the floor. If not designed correctly, this can make the room look very odd. The designers, in this case, added an inset second level above the cabinets. This adds more depth to the kitchen and makes it more visually appealing.

3. The Lagasse Group, LLC

White is increasingly becoming a more popular color for traditional kitchens because it is elegant and simple. However, when used correctly, white in a modern kitchen can make it look magnificent. Sometimes white kitchens can turn out looking like the inside of an insane asilume. Not in this case. This kitchen is an amazing example of how to use white in a modern kitchen. The contrasting colors aren’t too bold, as they went with a light grey instead of black (good choice).

4. David Edelman Architects

This kitchen is stunning. It is by far one of the best uses of wood in a modern kitchen that we’ve seen. Often times wood grain isn’t used in modern kitchen because it can pull too much from traditional aesthetics. In this case, the designer was able to seamlessly blend it into the modern design. How? The center/focal point of the kitchen – the giant granite slab that holds the faucet and oven.

5. Bayview Design Group Australia

This gorgeous kitchen proves that you don’t need a giant mansion to have a modern kitchen. What makes this design unique is the way they were able to use granite as part of the entire countertops and backsplash. The white granite style blends perfectly with the white cabinets.

6. Eldridge London

This absolutely stunning outdoor kitchen shows the versatility of modern design. All of the pieces you see could be used indoors and no one would know the difference. Try that with any other style of kitchen!

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