Top 7 Most Amazing Kitchens in the World

A setup suited for a celebrity chef, sleek state-of-the-art appliances, and materials so costly they could cover the expense of a full remodel on their own. We’re talking about the most elite and expensive kitchens that only a select few have the good fortune of enjoying but that we all like to lust over. Here’s our list of what we believe are the seven most amazing kitchens in the world.  Read more

Top 6 Most Beautiful Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern kitchen designs are increasingly becoming more and more popular. As technology becomes woven into our culture and we adopt new gadgets into our daily lives, a modern kitchen becomes more of a necessity. During our time here at, we’ve seen some beautiful modern kitchens that integrate minimalism with efficiency. Today we’ve put together a post covering the top six most beautiful modern kitchens we’ve seen, taken from all over the world. Enjoy!  Read more