Choosing An Online Ordering System For Your Restaurants

We build kitchens for some of the biggest and best restaurants on the east coast. The owners of these restaurants often chat with us about what it is like running a restaurant and very often we hear the same things… Margins keep getting thinner and thinner, making it harder to make more of a profit. The only way to solve this problem is to invest in automated systems that reduce your costs. This is where NetWaiter comes in. It’s an NetWaiter is known in the industry as the best online ordering system for restaurants. Today we are going to let them walk you through why your restaurant needs to invest in an online ordering system in this guest post…

1. Get Paid Directly

With many online ordering systems for restaurants they like to hold on to your money for as long as possible when a customer pays you. This can make your cash flow extremely tight. NetWaiter doesn’t believe in holding your money for any period of time. When a customer pays you, you get the money directly.

2. Eliminate All Order Errors

Restaurants get busy and waiters are only human. That means mistakes can be made when filling out orders for takeout. NetWaiter completely eliminates any order errors a waiter or hostess would have made. Less order errors equals more happy customers.

3. View Nutritional Information

With more and more people becoming health conscious, many diners want to know what the nutritional value of their meal is. Instead of taking up a waiters valuable time, you can have all of that information on your NetWaiter profile.

4. Get a Dedication Success Specialist

Never worry about how to get things set up or making any changes to your profile. When you sign up with NetWaiter, we provide you with a dedicated success specialist that will first walk you through the entire platform, set up your account, and help you with any issues you may face later on.