Tips For Finding The Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets have long aspired to current trends and customer demand. There have been multiple different kinds of kitchen cabinet design over the years and considerations such as price, style and quality have all featured in the quest to find the perfect kitchen cabinet that reflects your home. Below are some ideas that need to be considered when designing the perfect kitchen for you. 

Price: This is of the utmost importance. You need to choose between stock, semi – custom and cabinets that are fully custom made for your kitchen. Stock cabinets come in the cheapest range, but can sometimes not fit into your kitchen spaces perfectly, and can be of a lower quality than the others.  Semi-custom cabinets can be made to fit your kitchen more closely, if not perfectly. Custom cabinets are specifically designed to fit your kitchen perfectly, but will cost a pretty penny.

Style: There are so many that it can make your head spin. The two obvious choices are between those that are framed, and unframed. Unframed ones tend to be less sturdy and of a lower quality. The framed ones do not sit directly on a stapled hinge door and have a more finished look.  Frameless styles are often appealing in a kitchen mimicking a European style look, but you would need to use a thicker plywood to ensure sturdiness.

Features: These are those aspects which create a streamlined look to your kitchen. Modifications such as a pull-out dustbin, and and dishwasher can greatly reduce the cluttered look of a kitchen. Coverings for plugs which can be pulled down, and may include a port for charging your  smart phone are pretty nifty too, but sometimes, when ill designed, can get in the way rather than making your kitchen more user-friendly.  Features such as counter top garages, used to conceal smaller electronic items can be more of a pain then they are worth. Rather consider a cabinet which lifts up, where you can pull out your appliances and use them with ease. Other features to consider may be the work space. How much do you need? Have you left enough space to reasonably work on your counter tops? Sounds like a silly question but there are ill-designed kitchens that cause these problems.

Special features: Some other ideas used in kitchen design can greatly enhance your use of your kitchen space. Some kitchens have lighting features whereby a light goes on when you open a drawer or cupboard, which helps you to find what you are looking for with ease. Just make sure the light does not get in the way of  the functionality of the kitchen.  Other ideas that are catching on are the use of touch opening cupboards which spring open with the touch of a finger.

Color: This is an important aspect. The trend is now reverting to a more neutral color palette of stone, brown and ivory. However, if you aren’t installing new cabinets, you can always sand the old ones, put a primer on them and a few layers of paint to spruce them up.

So, get creative and transform your kitchen into a great space. Here’s to consistent design revolutions.

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