Kitchen Hacks: The Top 7 Ways To Save Space

For many, the kitchen is the room that gets the most use. Think about it… When you’re home, what do you spend the majority of your time doing? Cooking, cleaning, talking, and lounging. Most of us use the kitchen to do all these activities. With all these activities comes every day wear and tear. This takes a toll on the kitchen and can leave it looking disheveled. So, how do you keep you kitchen looking great even with all the abuse you put it through? Here are some simple “hacks” for helping you save space and time in your kitchen… 

1. Use the interior door on your cabinets.

One of the easiest ways to gain a little extra space in your kitchen is to use the interior of the kitchen cabinet doors. You can use small hooks to hang things or even attach a pinboard to keep recipies. Not only does this work for cabinet doors but also basically any door you have in your kitchen, such as closet doors.

2. Use a pallet to hang pots and pans.

You know those old wooden pallets they use in big storage areas? They’re incredibly easy to find and turn into a storage area for your kitchen. Some people choose to paint them and hang them on the walls with some hooks in them. However, if you have a rustic looking kitchen, you don’t even need to paint it.

3. Mount a pegboard on a wall that’s not in use.

Pegboards are one of our favorite ways of saving space. Why? You can move around the pegs to fit what you want to store. This means that pots and pans can be hanging right next to spatulas.

4. Put magnets under shelfs.

If you have a whole shelf dedicated to spices, you might find this little trick handy. First, put all oyur spices in jars with metal lids. Then add magnets under a shelf in your kitchen. Viola! Now you can attach the jars to the shelf through the magic of magnets.

5. Use a picture frame as a dry-erase board.

If you’re like me and constantly have a hard time remembering and putting together grocery lists, you may want to invest in this simple little hack. Find an old frame with the glass in it and put a pretty piece of light scrape or some old light wallpaper in it and you have a nice dry-erase board that will double as art.

6. Add a magnet strip to your wall to hang knives.

Knives cal be a pain to store, especially if you have a lot of them. Keeping them together in a drawer is a sure-fire way to make the blades dull. The best hack we’ve found for knives is to attach a magnet strip to a wall you aren’t using and hang the knives there. Be sure that the magnet you buy is strong because you don’t want the knives falling!

7. Add magnetic racks to the side of your refrigerator.

If you’re really in need of space, buy magnetic racks and stick them on the side of your fridge. They might not be able to hold big things but they’ll definitely hold small jars and possibly utensils, which will help free up a lot of space.

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