Top 6 Most Beautiful Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern kitchen designs are increasingly becoming more and more popular. As technology becomes woven into our culture and we adopt new gadgets into our daily lives, a modern kitchen becomes more of a necessity. During our time here at, we’ve seen some beautiful modern kitchens that integrate minimalism with efficiency. Today we’ve put together a post covering the top six most beautiful modern kitchens we’ve seen, taken from all over the world. Enjoy!  Read more

Is 3D Printing Food The Next Kitchen Innovation?

Someday in the near future it’s dinner time. You open an app on your phone and swipe through meals. Thai, American, Chinese. You land on a burger that looks delicious and click “Make Now”. Almost instantly a whirl or sounds comes from a box in your kitchen… “Ding!” It’s finished. You head to the kitchen and open the box. Inside is your meal.

Soon this will be a reality. 3D printing technology is slowly making its way into the food industry. However, the key word here is “slowly”.  Read more

Tips For Finding The Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets have long aspired to current trends and customer demand. There have been multiple different kinds of kitchen cabinet design over the years and considerations such as price, style and quality have all featured in the quest to find the perfect kitchen cabinet that reflects your home. Below are some ideas that need to be considered when designing the perfect kitchen for you.  Read more

How to Choose The Right Kitchen Remodeler

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, you probably have some questions. There’s a lot to consider before making a decision!

That’s why we decided to write this post today. Many of our customers come to us completely confused about the kitchen remodeling process. Most have been to other kitchen remodelers who have complicated the process on purpose so they can get more money from them. We’re not like most kitchen builders. Below you’ll find exactly what you need to do to choose the right remodeler to work on your new kitchen.  Read more