If you’re looking to update your kitchen and give it a brand new look and feel, a granite countertop could be exactly what you need. Your kitchen is probably the most trafficked room in your home. Think about all the activities that go on their – cooking, cleaning, talking, gathering. And when you have guests over, where’s the first place they go? If you’re cooking, it’s most likely the kitchen. You want your kitchen to look great for friends and family. Not only that, you want it to perform 100%. If your current countertops are old, dirty, and scuffed, you may want to consider getting new ones. Granite is the perfect choice.

Many kitchen builders make the process of finding and installing countertops hard. Then they try to get you to pay an arm and a leg. We make the whole process simple and have some of the best prices around. First, we start with an introductory chat where we go over exactly what you want in a granite countertop. We discuss what styles and models are available and which fit your budget. We then set-up a time for us to come by and measure out everything (the devil is in the details). We want to be as precise as possible. After we’ve laid out the plans for your entire kitchen and finalized the style/model of granite countertop you want, we begin working. The number one question we get is “how long will it take to install our new countertops?” We completely understand that you want to get your new countertops installed as quickly as possible so you can get to enjoying them and your new kitchen. That’s why we choose a day and time to start that fits best into your schedule. We then work as efficiently as possible to finish the project. 


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What makes us different from other kitchen builders out there is that we don’t charge extra for removing and throwing out your current countertops. It’s 100% included at no additional fee.

Another question we often get is, “how much is my new granite countertop going to cost?” This one is a bit harder to answer without knowing the details of your kitchen and which model you’d like to go with. Prices can vary depending on a lot of factors. However, we work incredibly hard to offer our customers the best price around. In fact, we offer cheap granite countertops as well – ones that are discounted.

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Still deciding whether granite is the best option for your kitchen countertop? Here are a few benefits of going with granite...

  • It has the ability to resist heat, making it a great option for people who need a lot of cooking space and like to place hot items on their counters.
  • Granite is an incredibly hard element. This makes it perfect for resisting scratches. So if you bang your pots and pans into your new counter, don't worry, it’ll be safe.
  • It’s resistant to moisture. This helps make your countertop last much longer and you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined after spilling a liquid on it.
  • It’ll give your home a much higher resale value. 

If you have any questions about our granite countertops or even just granite in general, feel free to ask us here. Below are some of the most frequent questions we receive:

Will I be able to install granite in my current kitchen?

Yes, even if your current kitchen countertop is shaped in a unique way. We have the ability to shape and form ur countertops to fit any kitchen style.

Will I be able to clean it the same way as my old countertop?

Yes, but try to stay away from acidic formulas such as ammonia. There are some great granite-specific cleaners out there that will keep your countertop looking like new.

Will it be completely smooth?

Yes, if you go with that style. The only place it won’t be 100% smooth is along the seam. This is for any granite countertop that’s installed no matter who you go with to install it or what brand/model.